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From the Ashes (2009) #1


I didn’t realize they quoted neo-con dipwad Matt Parker on the cover of this comic book. It’s a terrible blurb, so it’s kind of funny I’m opening with it.

From the Ashes, from the first issue, is a little bland. I’ve never read any Fingerman before so I didn’t know what to expect from his humor. It’s pretty safe. It’s like a ribalder episode of “Seinfeld,” really. He swears at his computer, threatens it with getting a Mac. He portrays himself (he’s the main character) and his wife as indifferent to a global (presumably) apocalypse.

It’s really, really, really safe. The edgiest thing in the book is a reference to an Ed Asner and Sally Struther’s TV movie (well, not really–it’s Hey, I’m Alive for those interested). Actually, there’s nothing remotely edgy. One Sally Struthers stealing food from starving Ethiopian children joke would make this book’s head explode.

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