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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #9


Ultimate Spider-Man is kind of like Death Wish. The movie, I haven’t read the book. Let me explain.

When Uncle Ben dies, Peter goes after organized crime, since he’s already got the guy who actually did it. And there’s no connection between organized crime and Uncle Ben’s murder. Peter’s just doing it because he thinks it’s bad (organized crime). It’s naive and kind of brilliant on Bendis’s part.

He’s got his….

Oh, the Death Wish thing. When Charles Bronson’s family gets killed, he doesn’t go after their killers, he goes after crime in general.


Bendis has Peter Parker be the narrating protagonist of the comic, but is naive. It’s lovely. He even draws attention to naivety when Kong doesn’t understand he’s upsetting Liz (I’m not saying Bendis made that move intentionally).

It’s a fine issue–reads too fast and the Enforcers appearance isn’t particularly useful–but it’s good.

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