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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #11


Bendis wastes two pages on an advertisement for a security system this issue. It’s kind of important to the story, but something we could have picked up along the way. He’s padding. He’s got a forty-five second conversation over three pages and he’s still padding. It’s kind of frustrating here because he’s skipped something.

Mary’s mad at Peter. Why? Well, it’s not clear. In fact, it’s so unclear, I felt like I skipped an issue, because last issue, she was writing him notes in class telling him she wasn’t mad at him and smiling at him.

Little continuity problem there. When you’re pacing a comic like Bendis is pacing this one, that kind of continuity problem is real annoying.

Otherwise, it’s a good issue. The Enforcers are funnier here. Funny, idiot thugs.

This issue is the first time I realized Bendis’s Peter is nowhere near as smart as Lee’s.

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