Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #10


Spider-Man meets the Kingpin… and gets his butt kicked. Amusingly, of course. Bendis makes superhero defeat humiliation amusing like no one else. Whereas Lee had defeat really hit Peter hard, Bendis just lets him roll with it, learn from it. He doesn’t give up, doesn’t even think about giving up.

Finally, Aunt May is coming into the picture–five or six issues since Uncle Ben died and, since then, her appearances have been cameos–here, it’s clear she’s going to be an important part of the book.

What’s really nice also is how Bendis doesn’t go for the cheap drama. While Peter’s worried about Liz–staring at her in class for a bit–Mary doesn’t take this attention to be some kind of slight against her (maybe she will soon, I don’t remember, but she doesn’t here).

And the close, when Peter has his eureka moment in class… nice.

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