Spider-Man: Chapter One (1998) #7


This issue–even though it’s got Betty Brant and I doubt Byrne’s going to have a chance to foul up their flirtation–might be the worst so far. Again, I don’t care (does anyone care about Chapter One? I know even Byrne distanced himself from it, though I swear I read he once said “anyone who doesn’t like Chapter One doesn’t like Lee and Ditko’s Spider-Man,” to paraphrase), so it’s hard to get really vicious.

Electro’s costume’s dumb. It’s interesting to see Byrne, who did Fantastic Four for so long or whatever, make the Human Torch out to be a complete jackass.

Mysterio makes a way too early appearance here–I guess Byrne isn’t going to do the more high school centered stories–and Green Goblin’s promised for next issue. It’s too bad he didn’t stick with the original series, just because then it’d be constant at the least.

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