The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #1


Brisk doesn’t even begin to describe how fast this issue moves. Not having read it in years–but having read Ultimate Spider-Man, seen the movie, etc–I forgot Lee didn’t give up on Peter Parker trying to find a way to make a living as Spider-Man for a while (or at least this issue).

It’s a neat gradual thing, the narrative just progresses. It’s so uncomplicated, so straightforward, I’m kind of shocked it’s a Marvel comic. I guess memories of McFarlane soured me to Spider-Man overall, but this issue’s a sign I shouldn’t be so hesitant. Lee’s got a nice way of embracing his readers–no one gets excluded, though the stories aren’t geared toward younger readers.

Ditko does maybe nine, maybe twelve panels a page many of these pages. Lee’s script moves things well along. It’s a nice read. Not sure it’s great, but it’s nice.

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