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Thor: Tales of Asgard (2009) #5


It’s Thor versus Fanfir for the (first?) time and Odin busts out his awesome “Star Trek” viewscreen to see everything going on.

The way Lee lays out the story… while it was originally serialized, plays well read in a sitting. Thor and his sidekicks have to go fight Ragnarök’s coming–by preventing an arms race it almost sounds like in the first section, but quickly it descends into a big battle.

Loki’s been banished for this stuff, so there’s none of his mischievous nonsense.

What’s interesting is how Lee sets up the subsequent story as a possible continuation, but not really… Odin’s still talking about sending Thor on a secret mission to gauge his abilities, but it’s not clear if it’s the battle, the fight against Fanfir or the stuff on the boat from the last issue. It makes everything seem very smooth and gradual, even if it’s really not.

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