Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead (2009) #3


This issue is Pugh’s version of an all-action issue.

He fails, somewhat, because he’s still got a narrative going. It’s not just one huge action sequence, he takes the time to introduce characters and ideas, not to mention revealing the entire conspiracy (well, most of it) behind the comic book.

It’s a fun issue. Not sure the comic needed to be fun at this point in its run, however. I mean, it’s not entirely fun… quite a few people die and it’s generally unpleasant, but there’s a lot of fun to be found. Hotwire’s got some good lines, lots of good lines, really, as she spouts off on living and not-living alike.

Pugh’s attempts at heartfelt revelations are more problematic than not, but it doesn’t matter since he’s got Hotwire fighting skeletons possessed with evil people.

I’m confused as all hell, but enjoying the comic very, very much.

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