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Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead (2009) #2


Ok, some of Pugh’s dialogue panels are a little static here, but otherwise, the art’s excellent.

This issue moves the story… well, not quite along, but it reveals more of it. It certainly does do a good job expanding the supporting cast, which is an interesting move for the second issue of a four issue limited (we’re moving into the second act here and ending halfway through the whole narrative).

It gives Hotwire more people to really interact with, which provides some comic relief, since Pugh’s spending a lot of the time explaining stuff. There’s a lot of future ghost reality to process this issue and Pugh hasn’t even made things simple yet. There isn’t a bad guy yet. There’s bad stuff happening, suggestions of bad intentions, but no real villain.

Instead, it’s all very complicated–these people are bad, but not the bad guys, et cetera–and it works.

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