The Mighty 7 (October 2009)

First, someone made a big art decision about this issue and I can’t tell who. It’s Samnee on pencils and inks and John Kalisz coloring; Kalisz has been coloring the whole series, Samnee’s been on for an issue before this one. The coloring of The Mighty is now incredibly lush and vibrant. The story’s also intensifying–Alpha One is now killing everyone left and right and it’s clear the series is going somewhere nasty–but the colors….

All this terrible stuff is going on in these amazing colors.

The issue moves way too fast again, as Tomasi and Champagne can’t make a solid decision between protagonist and antagonist. Alpha One gets more panels than Cole and Cole’s supposed to be the lead. Here he’s kind of a guest star.

There’s some weird stuff going on with the dialogue–Alpha One’s pop culture reference to Star Trek II boggles the mind.


Ring of Fire; writers, Peter J. Tomasi and Keith Champagne; artist, Chris Samnee; colorist, John Kalisz; letterer, Rob Leigh; editors, Chris Conroy and Joey Cavalieri; publisher, DC Comics.

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