The Uncanny X-Men 196 (August 1985)

31152.jpgI thought this issue was going to be a mystery, but it’s not. It doesn’t even have the pretense of one, except for Professor X asking the X-Men to investigate something. It’s too bad, since it might have been a better comic book with that approach.

It’s an X-Men book so I can identify the more popular ones, but when it comes to all the girls, I’m lost. What’s the difference between Kitty Pryde, Rogue and Rachel Summers? How do people keep up with this stuff? And do X-Men readers make fun of soap opera fanatics; they really shouldn’t.

Claremont packs the issue, which is impressive, I suppose, and desirable for its audience. I just couldn’t wait for the damn comic to end.

The artwork is incredibly loose and uninteresting.

The Secret Wars tie-in is all red skies.

I don’t get X-Men comics at all.


What Was That?!; writer, Chris Claremont; pencillers, John Romita Jr. and Dan Green; inker, Dan Green; colorist, Glynis Oliver; letterer, Tom Orzechowski; editors, Peter Sanderson and Ann Nocenti; publisher, Marvel Comics.

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  1. vernon wiley

    As sad as it sounds, I never reread comics from my childhood, as they usually suck even worse than I remember them. I personally gave up with X-Men sometime around #125, as Claremont would never tie up any of the million plots he'd introduce each issue. And as far as soap operas go, well, comics fans have loved them from the get go. The best one around now is Walking Dead. If there were any comics from my early years I could reread, I think it's the old 60's/70's undergrounds. They seem to have held up better over time. Ah, nostalgia.

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